Don’t just be a driver !! Be a DRIVA and Enjoy boosting your income


PART 1: When completing the sign up information, kindly upload online the following documents by clicking the ‘CHOOSE FILE’ box

  • Current car insurance certificate ( MUST be fully comprehensive insurance cover)
  • Valid Driver’s licence- front and back
  • Medical Report ( contact DRIVA office for assistance and advice on where to carry out this test)
  • Vehicle Roadworthy Test certificate- front and back ( contact DRIVA office for assistance and advice on where to carry out this test)

PART 2: As second part of the registration process, you will be required to attend our local DRIVA office with originals for each of the above together with two passport size colour photos for verification purposes. (Please note all original documents shall be returned to you)


By proceeding i agree that you can collect, use and disclose the information provided by me in accordance with your Privacy policy. which i have read and undertand.

why choose to be a DRIVA?

Earn More and be Rewarded for your performance with

Lower commission rates

Client promotions if any charged to the company and not the drivers

With our DRIVA Earn More Rewards loyalty scheme points you can turn your performances into bonus income by accumulating rewards points and redeeming them against cash, home gifts, travel and much more. The more jobs you complete and better performances to achieve customer satisfaction as a DRIVA driver, the more points you will earn thus more rewards.. simple and easy.

Be your own boss

  • With DRIVA, you choose when you want to work and for how many hours and maximise your potential earnings with as little of time consumption • You don’t have to give up your full time job since you are in total control of your daily or weekly plan

Exclusive Benefits for DRIVA driver partners

  • Company uniform and ID provided upon registration and initial training
  • Training and ongoing development support to becoming a better and safer driver and understanding the customer needs
  • Supervisory positions for those who carry out the best professional drives and monthly cash rewards
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